A few Testimonials

Dear Bill

Now that I can remember which planet I am on and what my name is, I
thought I would send a quick e-mail to thank you so very much for the
most wonderful holiday in Borneo.
We could not have managed without you.....especially on the re-arranging
of flights, hotel etc. (Are the tour companies and Malaysia airlines
still dealing with you or have you been blacklisted because of us!! I
told you we would be trouble, you just didn't realise how much!!)
Stan had a fantastic time on the fishing trips and can't thank enough
for the trouble you went to , to ensure he enjoyed himself........not to
mention the restaurants and seafood!!
The jungle trekking was first class and the accommodation that you put
us in was so relaxing.
Sorry we missed the Brunai and KL trips but I think I was a bit
ambitious when organising in the first place, I should have listened to
you at the time!! or maybe gone to the gym a bit more!! However, we feel
that staying at the Tanjung Aru for the last week was the best choice in
the end as it made a perfect end to a perfect holiday and there is
always next time to see the other places.
We have watched the Videos and looked at photos and we felt like we were
still there......reality check......back to work to-morrow!!
Stan's tattoo looks not bad, even though I can't stand them....he had
his other one 6 months ago!!..............personally I think he's going
through his mid life crisis!!!! And he's banned from having any more!
Have to go and get ready for work so I'll sign off now but will keep in
touch and let you know when we would like another trip to
least it gives you a chance to change your e-mail address, telephone
number, move house or emigrate!!
Once again many thanks for making it so memorable and it was lovely to
meet you while we were there.

Kind Regards

Di & Stan

Bill and Jim thank you for your kind generosity and passion for making our holiday perfect , the gifts were totally unexpected and delightful you have restored our faith in human nature, thank you for taking care of every thing , even the lost luggage from Heathrow!! and arranging the transport for our last minute  shopping trip in the limousine , we felt like royalty every day of the week thank you!

Jean and Stanley

Dear all at Exquisite,

The weather was made to order--beautiful. .Did you arrange that too!! I can see that everyone involved had done an excellent job to make this tour the best it can be you really under sell yourselves the personal touch from the day we left the UK right up to the day we left Borneo made it all so special - and the gifts were not only a great suprise but most appreciated the whole tour was special. This was our 5th tour. Each tour is well organized and your family guides are excellent.Bill was right about customs ! We got the gifts through without any problem , You have become dear friends say hello to Auntie and thank her for all she done.!!

Phil Muir UK

    Thank you for organising a fabulous Itinerary for us we- had the time of my life. Each day brought new adventures and we thought it couldn't get any better after seeing an an orang utan  with 2 babies.!

    Raymond Chandler UK

    ...The whole holiday was awsome - with your  your personal touch , attention to detail and genuine warmth  you guys put  other companies in the shade We thought the best part of our holiday was over when the adventure Itinerary finished but the beach part was exhilarating too. My son got his diving certificate and swam with manta rays - and loves Aunties cooking!

    Kevin UK

    There were no hiccups, even our flight was good.

    To personally meet Bill one of the founders of the company was most unexpected as was dinning with him and his family as guests, not only have you have put our faith back in human nature but in  wild nature as well .
    Thank you Thank you

    Debbie UK


    We had a lovely time on vacation. Thanks for doing such a terrific job organizing everything for us. We did not have to worry about anything the entire trip. Also, the accomodations you booked for us were fabulous. Bothe Dexter and Charles our guides were exceptional. They stood out from the rest of the guides with regards to performance.

    Thanks very much.

    Sandra and Vince  UK

    Thanks for your e-mail

    We had a brilliant time.  As you know, I have been traveling to Malaysia regularly since 1984 (Having been born there during colonial times ) We will have tours  in the future, and I am regularly asked by friends and colleague to draw up itineraries, and I will refer  Bill every time.I will next time spend a few days on mount KK foothils ,it was breathtaking - Mulu was superb  as was the Ox Bo Lakes  it self, however, was quite brilliant.
    The trip to sipadan is an absolute must. It makes a refreshing change and is quite delightful.

    The welcome and hospitality everywhere was excellent but the genuine warmth and generosity  surpassed everything.

    A fantastic trip. We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

    Best wishes


    ...Thanks  Jim, the custom made  itinerary made went far
    beyond our expectations and we have only you and Bill to thank.
    We would like to bring to your attention that the driver who transferred
    us from Hotel to the Airport was very helpful and
    friendly. He stayed with us until our flight departed and dealt with
    ticket passes on our behalf. If it's possible I would like you to pass
    our thanks onto the company.

    Thank you once again - it was an experience we will repeat and  we will never forget.

    Beverley  UK

    Hi Jim,
    Just wanted to say thank you for organising an amazing holiday for us. Everything went very smoothly and we were impressed with the excellent service and attention to detail. We would have no hesitation in recommending your services in future.
    All the best for 2007!

    Hi  James
    Just Wanted to say Yanks for everything - everythign was perfect we could not fault it
    Your personal touch and the companies professionalism certainly will go a long way in the Travel industry we will be embarking on more Personal Tour Holidays.We felt we had more than just a holiday , we had an experience and intimiate knowldege of the region - Please send our thanks to all concerned -


    Hi James,

    I've been meaning to email you for 3 weeks already but I'm so busy planning the next trip (Belize, 14-25 Nov) that all my spare time is going into this.... and you know how meticulous I like to be ! :)

    Roberto & I truly enjoyed Borneo immensely... the kindness of the people, the exquisite food and scenery... we did see herds of elephants, lots of probiscus monkeys, some wild orang-utangs, even rhino hornbills, etc. We cannot name a fav location, they were all wonderful in their own rights. And so different too.The Mabul Resort in Sipadan was truly exceptional and I took some fantastic shots there... so much so that all my friends now want to go.  Some are award-winning shots... :))  In truth, I think the pictures I did there are actually FAR nicer than the ones in their brochure. So much so that I was wondering if it'd make sense to contact the marketing director of the Sipadan Mabul Resort and offer him a CD of my shots (5M pixels) for a (c) fee in return?  but would you know his name and email ???  The colour of the sea, on the days we were there, was impressive and even the shots I took at night, with my tripod, look stunning as there wasn't a ripple in the lagoon and it looks like a giant luminous swimming pool. 

We did enjoy Sapi best -- the coral gardens there were as impressive as some on Sipidan, quite remarkable !!!

I'd also suggest a stop over at the Orchid Farm on the way back from Mt Kinabulu as we had a superb time there... and our guide at the orchid farm was SO friendly. We loved the fresh air of Mt Kinabalu so much, we were in NO hurry to go back to KK ... even though the Sutera Harbour was quite something.

Do you not have a feedback form that you send to your customers ???




Hi James
Just wanted to say thank you for organising a great holiday which we all enjoyed even though we were at times exhausted!!
I would like to pay a personal thank you to Gregory who was always there to pick us up and sorted out any problems that we encountered and on that note did he have any luck finding my mp3 player? tell him our invitation to visit us in London still stands!
We all liked the cake but I was a bit disappointed there was no Cliff Richard as promised (guess you couldn't find your record then!) we did have Happy Birthday played which threw us a bit as we were expecting the anniversary waltz!
We are all now back at work and planning our next adventure!
Kind Regards to you all
Auguest 2008

Let me say, , that you folks were the best--in fact, the ONLY GOOD--tour company that we had any contact with on this, and we wish that we had started dialogging with you earlier.  Thank for helping us out of a very dificult sitution when we were left high and dry - You guys beign based here makes all the difference We will put your name around and keep you in mind.  We won't be in Singapore long enough for any fun, but this is hopefully not our last adventure vacation (gotta keep traveling and spending before parenthood finds us).
Are you guys strictly Borneo and Singapore?  I say this with total sincerity: if you guys book for other exotic vacations that might be on our agenda, we will plan to come to you first next time, and we will advise our friends to do the same.

Burt USA jULY 2008

Hi James,
Sorry for the delay in replying.  Things here have been a bit hectic since we got back!
We wanted to say thank you very much for organising our honeymoon.  We had a great 3 weeks in Borneo.  Specifically the transfers and timings all worked out well and there was very little we had to do once we got there.  All the hotels were brilliant and we enjoyed our stay.
The guides were all very good and knew the answer to every question we asked.  Ken was very good and showed us around when we got there.  Abbas was excellent and very attentive and made every effort to ensure we are having a good time and seeing all the right things.  He was particularly good on Selingan island where he knew all the best vantage points, etc.
If we were to change anything I guess we weren't that fussed with Mulu in the end, but it was a nice change from Sabah.  The flight to/and from Mulu was an absolute nightmare, with cancellations, etc, and they even tried to throw us off the plane in one instance - but this the fault of the airline - not you!
Again, thanks very much for organising the honeymoon.  We had a great time and I wish you all the best with the business.

With kindest regards,
DR. Matthew Moorcroft UK
june 2008


Hello Ting,
Thank you very much for the quote. Unfortunately we have since booked with Quantas via expedia but your price was lower! Next time I will come to you first.

John  UK
jULY 2008



Hi James,

This is a rather belated note to say that we very much enjoyed our holiday in Borneo. The trip went very smoothly, all the cars/transport turned up on time, we were expected at all the accommodation etc. Thank you for arranging it so well. I don't know whether it is of any use/interest to you to have our comments on each bit of the trip but they are as follows:
Rasa Ria Resort: We had a wonderful room in the Ocean Wing and despite the resort being so large we had quite personal service. I wish we had spent longer there. The only negative part was being collected at 5.00 in the morning for a 7.30 flight. It was unnecessary to leave so early.
Kinabatangan Riverside Lodge: Very basic accommodation. It could easily have been of a higher standard as it was not exactly in the middle of nowhere. Ideally, it would have been good to just spend one night there and leave at about 10.00 in the morning after the early morning river trip. On the second day I felt we were killing time somewhat. Having chatted to other tourists I very much regret not going to Turtle Island. We should have included that and then only spent 1 night at the Riverside Lodge. I know this was entirely my fault and you did tell me it was a pity I crossed it off the itinerary.
Borneo Rainforest Lodge: The two and a half hour journey there and back on the logging trail was not a lot of fun but it was worth it. The accommodation was brilliant. I don't know how they manage the whole place to such a high standard considering the remoteness of the location. We were impressed that they gave us a packed lunch on our last day.
Mataking Island: We loved the place and wish we had spent longer there. The snorkelling was unbelievable. Who needs to go diving when you can see so much from the top!!! I really didn't want to leave this place.
- the drivers, guides and staff at all the accommodations were very friendly, helpful and welcoming and we were very impressed at the level of service we received everywhere.


Thank you again for arranging our trip so well. We loved Borneo. It is a fascinating country and I will certainly recommend friends visit it (and use your good services when doing so).
July 2008


Hello James
I just thought I would give you some feedback from our trip.
Overall it was a fantastic experience,  
The trips from Sandakan were great, well organised and we were very lucky with the animals we saw - wild orang utans, proboscis monkeys, rhinoceros hornbills, elephants by the river - all in all a great trip.  The trip to the turtle island was wonderful too.
Mabul Island was beautiful and the snorkelling fantastic.  I wish I had realised that you could hire underwater cameras, since we saw so many wonderful fish, coral and turtles, it would have bee great to have pictures!!
Thank you for changing us from the Rasa Ria for the night before Mulu, we would have been there for less than 12 hours, and 45 mins in bed is very important at 4am. 
Overall the holiday was a great success, and we both thoroughly enjoyed it - thank you for sorting it all out.

Sarah (UK)
July 2008

Hi James,

Well I would just like to thank you for arranging the wonderful holiday we had. We have been home now for three days and the memories will last a long long time.

Everything about the holiday was perfect. Where we went, all the travel arrangments and your people who collected us from various places were so friendly, kind and helpful. Everything went smoothly. The hotels we were booked into were fantastic and the service at all of them was excellent along with the food. We did go into Kota Kinabulu town one day and walked around the shops and did a bit of shopping and then we ate in a very good Italien restaurant (called " Fratini's") where the food was brilliant and the price very good( much cheaper than the hotels as you had said) and again the friendly service. We can truly say it was a pleasure and a priveledge to be in your country and see all the wonderful things from the hotels and beaches to the wildlife and jungle. I have to say that the two days we spent at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge I found it very hard to handle the humidity during the day and therefore spent time in our chalet, just doing the before breakfast trekking and the evening trekking, but Steve managed to cope with being in the jungle during the day and went on all the jungle treks although it did take it out of him and we were both glad to reach the next hotel and the beach! The river cruises were great and so to were the lodges.

I could go on for ever telling you how happy we both were with the itinery and the places we went to so if I just sum it up as.......................FANTASTIC! - BRILLIANT!  - ENLIGHTENING! -  FRIENDLY! - BEAUTIFUL!  -  CLEAN!  - SAFE! -   WONDERFUL!   GREAT FOOD!  I think that just about covers it all.

Thankyou James and take care. If we come back to Borneo you can quarentee we will book through you again and we will recommend you to anyone who would be thinking of going to Borneo for a holiday.

Warmest regards

July 2008

I wanted to thank you personally for everything you did for us in Borneo. What a fantastic holiday - we all agree that it was the best we have ever had. Your inside knowledge of the country and people really showed as we were so well looked after and saw the best the country has to offer in the short time we were there.

I also want to thank you for all the extra touches you added - the birthday cake, the books and the meal at the Ocean View restaurant - you went the extra mile every time!! It was great to meet Bill too - he looked after us well and chose a great range of dishes to try.

It is really hard to try and think what came out top as it was all so great. I have to compliment especially the people  who looked after us on the trip, and especially our guide Hazwan Bin Suban who was fantastic and a real hit with the girls. He really looked after us all and made the girls feel special.

So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I am sure your venture as full time travel organiser will work out as you do it so well and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know!

Hopefully you will find a couple of pictures from the trip attached. The first is of us all (Hazwan
included) at the Rainforest lodge - Rhiannon took the photo - and the second is of the girls and friend!!

I hope i do get to speak to you to thank you properly but do know we are all so grateful for all you did for us,

Best wishes,

Eira x

Hi Jim
I think the most memorable bits were around the animals, the Turtle Island was amazing, as was Sepilok and when we were in the Jungle we were stood amongst a herd of 24 Pygmy elephants which was unbelievable.  Everyone was ever so lovely and we even got upgraded to a suite in the first resort thanks to your chap who picked us up from the airport.  Up around Sandakan, was very impressive.  The guides and drivers were all in matching polo shirts and gave the impression of dealing with a reputable company and made us wear life jackets (as per the law) but some of the other operators in the area were not so conscious of the health and safety.

We are certainly recommending you and Borneo to everyone who is interested.
Thank you for everything. 
Vicky & Mark

Hi Jim

what can i say?!

It's an awesome place and we had an awesome time.

Everything went brilliantly, with all the accomodation changes and pick ups and drops off's for trips etc you sort of expect some delays or issues but there were none at all.

The first surprise was being picked up from KK in a full size coach just for me and Becks! that happened a couple of times.

Shangri La is a beautiful Hotel, ALL the staff seem friendly and it is in a great location so that was a great base to start from.

We have seriously fallen in love with Sukau and the rainforest lodge!, it seemed an odd feeling to rather be in a Jungle with no air conditioning rather than the 5* luxury of Nexus but that was how we felt! I guess being spolit with all the monkeys you wanted to see including an orangutan, snakes, various birds and even an elephant can do that too a person.

It really was tops, far too much too put in an e mail.

If you find that business is picking up and you need a bigger team just let me know! if i can bring someone the wonders that i have had over there that would be very rewarding! we will definately be going back so if you don't take me up on the job offer then expect another booking in the near future!!

Jim, thanks for all you have done too make this all work, i will definately be recommending you guys to anyone that enquires about our holiday.

Thanks Again.



Just to let you know that John and I have an amazing holiday in Borneo. The places, people, itinerary, well just everything were exquisite, the company certainly lived up to their name!

And I got engaged!

Thank you again and we will be sure to stay in touch in case we decide to repeat the experience.

P.S If you are interested we have got some amazing photos, if you want to see, or use on website then I would be happy to forward them to you.

Thank you again

Amy Marsden

Hi Jimmy
Just a quick line to say what a great time we had in Borneo, very busy but intresting, dont think we could have seen and done what we did with a tour operator, other than the slight hic-up not knowing about the forwarding of the bags which Bill sorted o/k, i have no complaints and would not hesitate in recomending you, thanks very much for giving us a great holiday, please pass on our thanks to Bill.
                                                Dave & Pauline


Dear Jimmy,
We have had a few days back home and are getting back to normal but I thought I would like to let you know that we really enjoyed the trip and found everybody so helpful and friendly. Bill was great and we enjoyed the meal with him and Jason tremendously. Thank you for all your assistance in the arrangements. We sincerely hope that the opportunity will arise for a second visit.
Best wishes, Kathie Sharman


Jim and Daphne,  
 Pauline and I feel we just have to let you know what an amazing time we had in Borneo this October. The itinerary you put together for us was absolutely spot on, fitting our requirements perfectly. The hotels you put us in were second to none, and the personal attention we received from our tour guides was brilliant. We really enjoyed living a 5 star life style without having to pay the normal high prices for it. All in all a perfect holiday, really good value for money, and we are already planning to go again next year. Thank you very much.

 Frank and Pauline  UK


Dear Jim and all at Exquisite

I felt compelled to write even after mentioning to Bill in Borneo that we were most grateful for you taking the initiative for moving us to the Nexus from the Rasa before our arrival due to the refurbishment works , even though they were open for business and the works we descried as light , speaking to other tourists they told us they were very intrusive , Bill mentioned he went to view himself and and noticed that the works were intrusive , this summed up our Holiday - Perfect to the last detail!The Nexus staff were lovely and completely overjoyed to hear we were from Exquisite -We were treated like royalty from day one and then the change of to the Tanjung to experience another resort was a lovely touch .Thank you all for such a lovely holiday.

You have not seen the last of us!

Amanda and Edward

...when speaking to them on the plane back we realised that you were the only company that offered 5 star hotels and min 16 days , where as other operators only offered 3-star and 10-14 days! we got great value for money and a personal service . The gifts were sublime and unexpected!!  Thank you Jim!

Paul Jones


Hi All - A big big thank you for organising our trip to Borneo . We had a wonderful time and the accommodation was super. See you next year and hope to visit Brunei and Singapore this time to with your help. 

Simon UK

I had the most wonderful holiday, thanks to you and your very capable and helpful family and coworkers! It truly was an awesome experience. I want to go back,soon! Dexter was a wonderful guide, and I have made a new friend in him. All the accommodations  were well above 5 star  -Thank you for upgrading our room totally unexpected!.
I will always treasure my memories from my first trip to Borneo. Thank you
for making so wonderful.

Jeffrey  UK

My wife and I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a wonderful honeymoon itnerary for us. Borneo  was unbelievable!
All of our accommodations were excellent and the service was fabulous. Wish we could have stayed a few more days at Rasa - Thank you for the gifts cakes and hospitality you made a very impotant day in our lives most memorable- Kevin and Grace


Going to Borneo is  one of the best decisions of my life."
Anna  UK

"It's incredible - we're travelling like the rich for only a few dollars per day. Thank you!"
Martin P UK

"When we opened the door to our incredible Room in the Nexus  , we truly understood what we had been missing all these years! Thank you, Exquiste  Borneo.."
Judith and Jason UK

"I only wish we had discovered Exquiste  years ago, before throwing away thousands in 'itnerary-type' vacations..."
Keith UK

"Any initial scepticism with the emails and questions we may have felt was completely erased during our first wonderful vacation - I honestly don't know how to thank you enough..."
Sharina Mcpherson UK

"There's no question that Exquiste Borneo has improved our quality of life. We've received great vacations in first-class condos, excellent service and piece of mind knowing that our retirement will be filled with many wondrous new experiences...
Paul and Stace UK

"The service has been outstanding. Your Family Member Services personnel seem to take a genuine interest in our vacation enjoyment and have always steered us toward the best vacation experiences for both our budget and our desires"

Victor UK


...Extra days and all 5 star accomodation compared to other compnaies your value for maony has no comparison.T rue Honest and reliabel . thanks Jim


Jerry Warlingham Surrey


Dear Jim,
We have just returned from a fabulous holiday in Sabah. Everything worked well and we certainly packed in a lot in our days. Only 500 photos to sort now!!
Our thanks to you and Bill for organising such a smooth running and interesting trip.  We saw loads of animals and really felt as if we has experienced the jungle and it was great to be able to also do some snorkelling at Sapi island.  While snorkelling a macaque unzipped my rucksack and helped himself to water and rennies!!
If any one else wants a busy short tour of Sabah I can certainly recommend ours
Dinner with Bill was great.  Thank you to him and to his sister in law who took us shopping and wife who drove us home.  I hope their son is happy at Bristol University.  
We took ourselves to the fish restaurant for lunch on a following day and had Coral Fish and egg fried rice.  mmmmmm.
Back to reality now.
Thank you once again.  I will certainly be recommending exquisite Borneo to any of my friends who wish to visit Sabah.
Alison and Mike


"Our Borneo vacations have become an important part of our family life. Everyone participates in the planning of each vacation and the condos always have enough room to accommodate all six of us comfortably"

Thomas UK

"What can I say? We're seeing the world and loving every minute! Our goal is to visit every  resort at least once. and all of them have been outstanding experiences"
Melanie chambers UK

"They say that 'seeing is believing'. Well, now that we've just experienced our 6th superb Borneo vacation in a row, you can now count us as true 'believers'! Keep up the great work"
Alberta UK





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