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A Company that enjoys your Company!

If you enjoy the best in human nature i.e.  Kindness, friendship, warmth and sincerity as well as the best in Mother Nature then we will be delighted to help you.

Our company was set up on the foundation of sincerity, warmth and friendship, in order to offer more than just a holiday

We want to offer a very sincere personal service, we do not assist customers and clients - we assist  friends- friends who appreciate the little things in life such  the smallest gestures, appreciation of the kindest act, and a realisation that life is all but too short and also realise  true friends are few and far between - We actually live in the locations we invite you - to we eat drink and sleep the regions - We want to offer you an experience of  the true country and not its glossy perception from a brochure .

Greeting you and sending you off is the least we can do, engaging with you, assisting at every corner when required , discretely making sure all is well with you and going as planned in the background are just some of the things we like to think we do well  -  inviting you to dine with us , taking you to the off the beaten track and non tourist spots we enjoy! -Even the best laid plans can go wrong; In the Far East nothing is predictable even flights! Being here with you, allows us to act and react instantly –

With  JRP TRAVEL UK  we hope you feel that you are amongst friends and not with a travel company but in good company.

Yours Faithfully,,

James Raj - Propreiotor







 CR3 0EQ


UK Tel:0871 566 1268

 Fax 0870 432 7898

INTERNATIONAL Tel +44 8715661268
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